Salmon with Herbs and Citrus (Sunday Dinner)

  • Salmon with Herbs and Citrus: The taste of a fresh fillet of salmon is pretty hard to beat — especially if someone did all the prepping and marinating for you! Marinated in a deliciously simple blend of garlic, olive oil and herbs, these fillets of salmon will please your guests and taste buds. Not to mention the cooking process is ridiculously quick and convenient; all you have to do is stick them in the oven for a few minutes! Serve this meal with our house rice pilaf and a seasonal vegetable. Convenience without sacrificing the taste or nutritional value is hard to beat.
  • Ingredients: Salmon - Salmon, Garlic, Olive oil, Parsley, Thyme, Salt, Black pepper. Rice pilaf and seasonal vegetable vary 
    Cooking Instructions:
    Place the salmon skin-side down on an oven-safe pan and bake at 400 degrees. Depending on your desired temperature, allow 4-6 minutes of cooking for every half-inch of thickness at the fillet’s largest point. You will know your fillets are finished when you can easily flake them with a fork. Serve and start chowing down immediately!

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